Artistik - 185gsm white paper. Perfect for heavy mixed media use: unlike other wire sketchbooks which have light paper or lesser quality, our Artistik sketchbooks feature 185gsm bright white colour paper, which means that you are getting a great product at a tremendous value. If you check out the reviews you'll see why so many customers choose Artistik It's our Promise to you.

. The artistik wire-o a3 & a4 sketchbook is both durable and portable and is one of the most common artist supply necessities! Whatever your preferred art form may be, so you don't lose inspiration, you'll be sure to need a sketchbook that you can use on the go, and that can withstand multiple art forms.

Because we make our sketchbooks in this unique way, it means that you'll have a dependable sketch book to keep with you as you grow in your artistic ability. With so many different types of media you will love using every page of this sketchbook right up until the last one! You can even use this for scrapbooking too!

100 Pages 50 Sheets Wire-O Portrait Drawing Pad for Heavy Mixed Media with Perforated 185gsm Acid Free Cartridge Paper and Cloth Cover Sketch Book - A4 Sketchbook - Now it's finally here with the artistik wire-o portrait Sketchbooks! Each portrait drawing pad is made with top notch heavy paper so that almost nothing will bleed through the pages making it a great product for professional artists working in a mix of media. Durable high quality cloth cover that protects your work: our Artistik Wire-O bound sketch books are made with durable high quality cloth covers that will protect your work and because the covers are firm they can be folded back so you can easily draw or sketch with the pad resting on your lap.

Perforated easy to tear pages: because the a4 sketchbook has perforated pages you'll be able to easily remove pages do you never have to suffer any rips or tears to the pages of your artwork. At artistik are happy to serve you in any way we can and are eager to meet all of your needs.

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Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Luigi's Mansion 3 - Spieleranzahl Lokal: 8. Altersfreigabe: Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren. Version: Standard. Genre: Aktion, Abenteuer. Plattform: Nintendo Switch.

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